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Today is a very controversial topic. This economic crisis is one which could have been foreseen by simply picking up an economics book and reading of past “disasters”. Now is the time where the real leaders and tomorrow’s billionaires have the capability to stand out and show exactly what they’re made of. Most of the modern world states that they are capitalists, but when this crisis came and people lost everything, it seemed more like a communistic version. Why do I say that? Well as we all know, communism revolves around the simple idea that everyone has a job, and no matter how good or bad they are at that job, they will always have it! Well why did the free world collapse and not stand back when we’re all so “independent and capitalists”? It’s because we’re not, and it’s because only the people who have millions or more in bank accounts are the real “exploiters” of capitalism. Enough about how weak and uncreative people are..

The main idea is that TODAY is when anybody who is stong enough will come out and prove it. How? With what money? These are probably the two most frequent questions in these times of distress. Well let’s put it this way – would you really start a business if you won the lottery and had 50 million in your account? Of course not…you’d spend it as fast as you could.. and that’s because people are greedy and can never have enough.. So what’s my suggestion? Stop blaming the economy, stop crying about your situation and start doing something about it.

One friend once told me “you’ll never lose weight until you really want to”. And I didn’t really understand that at first.. I’d go on diets, lose some weight and then forget about it and put it back on. We met later that year, and he said to me “you still aren’t ready to lose weight”. So we made a bet (the stakes aren’t important). And knowing I can’t lose the bet, I did everything I could to reach the settled amount. Once it started, it didn’t stop. But it took someone else to “force” me to start.. and I’m hoping I can do that for you.

What I want is to have some discussions – either along the lines of.. “I’m thinking of starting this business, what do you think?”, or “I have the cash, and I don’t have the idea”. I am also offering a more professional service; fee-based business plans and fee-based consulting. Why would you listen to somebody named “businesskid”? Well for two main reasons. First of all, I have been in the business world my entire life, watching my father create, manage and profit from his “inventions”. Second, a “real” consulting firm will provide you with textbook answers which haven’t been giving real solutions since the 1990’s.. not to mention that the price you would pay would finance a new business.

Now that you know what I want from you, tell me what you want from me.


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